Live Drum Tracks on Your Recordings.

I am available to record live drum tracks for your recordings from my studio.  

I'm typically a good fit for most Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Indie, and Alternative stuff though I like to work in other genres like Prog, Funk, and Fusion.  See examples of my playing.  If I'm not a good fit for your music, I'll let you know quickly and won't waste your time.  

To get started, what I'd need from you is a recording set to a metronome with no drums on it.  Quality of the recording doesn't matter, it just needs to lock with a tempo and have no drums.  I then record my drums to that and deliver WAV files of each of my drum tracks - raw or with effects if you like - for you to use in your recording.  

I'm happy to work with a blank canvas, so to speak, if you're not sure what the drums should sound like.  In fact, this is probably my biggest strength - coming up with creative parts that fit the song.  However, if you have a firm idea of what the drums should do and how they should sound, that's fine too. 

To discuss specifics, just fill out the Contact Form or email me at