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Drummer and Composer.

I'm a drummer and composer based in New Haven, CT.  


As a drummer, I've been active for over 25 years in NYC (have played with bands including AM, Thirdborder, Proton Proton and Doug Gillard [Guided by Voices]) and CT (Guest of Honor, Western Estates).  In 2011, I released my first album, in which I write and play nearly everything myself (drums, synths, vocals), with occasional help from special folks like Glenn Furst (guitar).  In 2015, I released my second album.   After a long gap, I will release my third album, I'm Terrified, in 2022.  

In 2021, my project with the great Ben Miller (Miller-Ruby) released our album, Thoughtcrime.  

I continue to compose, record and learn.  

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